Pablo Amira has written an incredible book on true magic and mystery which helps us understand the art and life from an entirely new and unique perspective. This is not an ordinary magic book and will help make your mystery extraordinary.
Take a pause, stop learning new tricks, 
and learn the deeper secrets of Mystery Performance
Mahdi Gilbert

The Path of Mystery is a hardcover and powerful compilation of essays, reflections, and ideas, aimed for all Mystery Performers (Magicians, Mentalists, Psychic Entertainers, Bizarrists, etc)

In this full-color book we will explore essential concepts and fundamental notions that can clear for you the understandings that you need in order to go beyond tricks into the pure experience of mystery, no matter if you do Magic, Mentalism, Readings or any other allied mystic art.

200+ pages of practical theory that comes from my personal studies in psychology, philosophy and other esoteric sources, applied into real-world performance.

In here you will find the subtle secrets, the sophistication that Mystery Performance deserves in order to reach new levels of impact and authenticity. 

Table of Content 
 Chapter I: Birreal  

Chapter II: Tree Model 

Chapter III: The Path of Mystery  
Mystery and mystery   
Mystery Performance  
Mystery Performer  
Mysterious Artifacts  
The Reality of Magic  
 The Reality of Mentalism  
 Major Arcana Path 
  Birreal Expanded  
Tree Model Expanded
  Star Cycle  
Transcending the Phenomena  
Beyond Deception   
Chapter IV: Conversational Mysteries  

Chapter V: Practical Exercises for Mystery Performers 


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